Suhbah Institute, founded by Mahad Qamar and Safiya Ravat, hopes to inspire Houston Muslims through improving their relationships with themselves, their loved ones and their Lord through “suhbah” – which means “companionship” and “mentorship”. ‘


COMPANIONSHIP: Suhbah offers certified Islamic Pre-Marital Training and Marital Enrichment programs, matrimonial events, and marriage workshops to build healthy, strong, sustainable marriages. 

MENTORSHIP: Suhbah also aspires to mentor and inspire growth and learning to nurture well-rounded American Muslims, grounded in foundational Islamic knowledge through its full time and part time seminary, as well as public halaqaat (circles of learning) for youth, young professionals, women and various other demographics in the Muslim community.



DONATE monthly to help sustain Suhbah Foundation programming, sponsor seminary students, and offer financial aid to those wishing to attend our singles’ Conversations sessions as well as pre marital and marital counseling.